About the App
Bring Tranquility Base down to your neighborhood!

Tranquility Base, the site of the first Apollo moon landing, is one of the greatest of all historic sites — and now you can bring it down to Earth to watch history unfold in front of you. Using your iPhone or iPad as a magic window into history, watch Armstrong and Aldrin land and take the first steps on the moon.

You can walk around the Lunar Module as it lands. Step up to examine the flag. Take a picture of friends and family posing with Armstrong as he places his boot on the moon. At any moment, toggle between the augmented-reality view and the virtual moonscape. It's an immersive, augmented world that you can explore even as history unfolds in front of you!

1) Face north onto an open area (at least 60 meters square)

2) Start your moonwalk and watch the "Eagle" land in front of you.

3) Walk around for a closer look. Walk slowly for best GPS tracking. (Objects may slide around as the GPS signal refines your location. Avoid buildings for a good signal.

4) Touch the Globe button to toggle between the virtual moonscape and the real world.

5) Touch the Next button to advance to each event: Armstrong's first step on the moon, the first moonwalk, and liftoff from the lunar surface.

6) Touch the Camera button to take pictures!

A good GPS signal is necessary for this app to work properly, so it is best used out-of-doors. You will probably obtain weak GPS signals when indoors. Car engines can interfere with the compass, making the app perform poorly.

Developed by Eduweb

Moon images and radio transmissions courtesy NASA.

iPhone 4+ or
iPad 2+ (with GPS)